Bigcommerce Add-on: Ajax Layered Navigation

Boosts user customers experience

Ajax Layered Navigation for Bigcommerce

Ajax Layered Navigation Add-on for Bigcommerce provides a richer user-experience for your customer and is particularly well-suited for stores that have a lot of variable products or products with a number of attributes.

Not only does the layered navigation use ajax calls to reload content on the page, but the extension also provides a number of additional user-interface elements for the layered navigation, such as color swatches, size selectors and checkboxes. These useful options help you create a more meaningful, interactive experience for your user.

Use our Ajax Layered Navigation that’ll definitely help your customers find what they’re looking for.

** Please note: The Ajax Layered Navigation (Product Filtering) is just supported Product Options and less than 4500 products.

No-Hidden Fee

Free Add-on Installation

The Ajax Layered Navigation Installation Service may take up around 2 ~ 4 working days.

How Does It Work?

ThemeVale Ajax Layered Navigation Bigcommerce Add-on is more user-friendly, faster, and simpler

Spotlight Features
  • Refined by Categories (multi-level), by Color, by Size, by Customer Reviews, by Price (slider), by Brand, by Stock and custom more custom filter options.
  • All Browser Compatible
  • Difference Product Filtering for each Product Category
  • Ajax-based filter
  • Uses nice Price Slider control
  • Shows the attributes in a checkbox, and links
  • Color swatches picker
  • SEO friendly
  • No rewrites, no template patches
  • Boots your site performance with the fast Ajax calls.
  • Recommended: Improves user customers experience with Ajax paging. Find out more about the Bigcommerce Add-on: Ajax Infinity Scroll

Color Swatches Picker

By using the Ajax Layered Navigation, the color swatches filter selection, your customers can find for products only in the colors they want. Beside, your customers can select / remove multiple colors option.

We also provide the user guide for how to using the color swatches. (Normally Use and Customize the Color Swatches option with the image - using a pattern or texture)

Ajax Price Slider

Replace the classic price filter by a Ajax price slider with an excellent jQuery & UI . It facilitates the user to view products as per their price range. The Ajax Price Slider enables you to use attributes of 'price' type in the Layered Navigation, E.g. special price or any other attributes of catalog input type 'price'.

Add New Custom Filter Options

The default Bigcommerce Add-on: Ajax Layered Navigation are refined by Categories (multi-level), by Color, by Size, by Customer Reviews, by Price, by Brand, by Stock. However, you can create more filter options for your product like: Product Type, Shipping, Gender ... Just let us know your requirements.


If you have any questions about the Bigcommerce Add-on: Ajax Layered Navigation, just ask us and we are happy to answers!

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