Important Notice: Instagram Feed Removal

22 Jan, 2020 in Bigcommerce Add-ons, Blog
Important Notice: Instagram Feed Removal

** Important Notice: Instagram Feed Removal **

Instagram is deprecating their API platform and have notified developers that they will remove support in early 2020. That means this tool will stop generating new tokens, and any tokens generated with it in the past might stop working!

Instagram’s deprecation notice

As of March 2nd, 2020, the Instagram platform will be deprecating its API.

Instagram feed section on our themes will be impacted by this, as access tokens depend on this system to connect. Bigcommerce, Shopify or 3dcart and other platforms has required that theme developers remove these features.

Future releases of each theme from us will exclude the Instagram feed section or using this section with an app or replace by an Image Gallery block. For older versions, the Instagram feed section may be visible but no longer functional as of the deprecation date (March 2, 2020).

Important notice: Instagram feed removal

What is the alternative solution?

If the Instagram feed is important for your store, consider these alternative approaches for displaying Instagram posts on your home page.

– 01: Replace with an app

Many apps are available in the platforms as we list below. Apps perform a similar function as the Instagram feeds. The main benefit of this approach would be the real-time presentation of the latest posts so you can consider using instead.

Shopify Apps Store:

Bigcommerce Apps Store:

3dcart Apps Store:

Adding 3rd-party apps can come at a cost, however, and we are unable to guarantee that the apps will integrate with our themes. Any conflicts with the added app and your theme would need to be resolved by the app’s developers.

– 02: Manually add images using another image section

Some of themes include sections for displaying uploaded images on the home page. Using the same images edited for and added to your Instagram posts, example for brand image section below, you can upload with bigger images.

Custom Block


– 03: Customize Instagram feed section to be an Image Gallery block

This option is to have the same design but it will be image gallery with images you upload and links you add. Request for this custom work can be charged for extra fee as custom work.

Thank you for reading!


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