Happy Lunar New Year (Tet Holiday)

21 Jan, 2020 in Blog
Happy Lunar New Year

Dear our Customers,

It’s been a year passed again. Thank you to all our amazing customers for trusting us to be your source for top quality Template provider. We couldn’t have this success without you.

Today, we would like to share you one interesting thing about us, about our country where we are in, about the people and the traditions.

Halothemes or also known as Themevale is a small company which is located in Vietnam – a friendly country in Asia. We will welcome the most important Holiday in a next couple of days. It is LUNAR NEW YEAR (Tet).

What is it? Tet or Vietnamese Lunar New Year is the most significant festival in Vietnam. As a result of being calculated by the lunar calendar, Tet often occurs at the end of January. It’s the longest public holidays in Vietnam.

Tet Holiday is celebrated to welcome the New Year and summarize what they did in the old year. It is considered an important mark for changes, plans, and progress. In addition, Vietnamese people believe that what they do on the first day of the year will affect their rest. Therefore, they pay great attention to every word they say and everything they do. Furthermore, Tet may be the only occasion for all family members to have happy moments together after a year of hard-working.

There are many activities are celebrated before and during Tet such as: Cleaning the House, The Last Day of the Year & New Year Eve, Staying at home to welcome guests to their house or go to relative and neighborhood houses. The elderly will be received the wishes for health, the adults will be received the ones for fortune and success while the young and children will be received lucky money. Laughs and talks appear everywhere.

Tet holiday 2020 starts from January 23rd to January 29th, 2020 and all members of Halothemes will take a break during this time with their family after working hard in a year. Support service is still available but it will be limited and we hope to receive your understanding.

Halothemes wishes you a Great New Year and Happy Moments with Your Family. Thank you so much for being our great customers. We always try our best day by day to bring more values to you.



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